We welcome and encourage you to make a commitment to your faith journey by becoming a member of FPCG.  Our congregation is continually enriched by the presence of new individuals and families who are interested in finding a place to share community and develop a fulfilling spiritual life.  Get to know us with a visit to Sunday morning worship, fellowship coffee hour immediately following, or some of the many special events we sponsor throughout the year. Be sure to reach out to one of our pastors when you visit, and register your presence with us so we can reach out to you personally. 

New member classes are offered three times a year and include meeting informally with our pastors, learning about the origins of the Presbyterian Church and FPCG, followed by a casual group dinner.  On the Sunday following these events, you will be welcomed as a new member of the congregation during the worship service either by reaffirmation of faith, a letter of transfer from out of town or simply a desire to be part of the our family of faith. Our new members come from various faith backgrounds, and we welcome all who demonstrate a desire to move along in their faith journey with us. 

Membership & Family

Membership at FPCG is more like a partnership between your family and your church.  We encourage you to share your passions and talents with us.  Several church members have introduced us to local charities that they support - and we stand alongside of them - by encouraging other members to volunteer and participate.  We have active member liasons with:  Neighbor to Neighbor, Pacific House and Red Cross.  We have several members that run a monthly book club and others that participate in a worship/dance movement class.  Whatever it is that you're exploring, consider doing it at church!

Want to learn more about being a member? Please reach out to our Pastor here!