Faith Community for Children & Youth

Children and youth are a cherished part of the First Presbyterian family.  Our ministry to them is guided by the words of Jesus as we nurture the faith of our young disciples, encourage adult members to engage actively with our youth, and organize activities, programs and events that foster fellowship and build lasting friendships.

Our Mission: To equip and empower families to BELIEVE in God’s Love, BELONG to a Community of Faith, and BECOME Disciples in the World.

Our Vision: First Presbyterian Church is a place where young disciples and families thrive in their relationship with God, with each other, and with the Church, and become faith leaders in the world. 

Our Priorities: 

  1. To provide a cohesive spiritual formation plan based on the teachings of Jesus Christ for young people from birth to adulthood that connects to broader Church themes. 

  2. To support parents in developing a foundation of faith at home and sustain them on their own faith journey.

  3. To ensure that young disciples and families experience the goodness of belonging through intergenerational friendships.

  4. To constantly refine the church structure to support creating and sustaining vibrant Family Ministry programs.

Confirmation Information

  • Vision for the Confirmation Class

    It is our hope and prayer that by the end of this year, our Confirmands will do the following:

    • Form a solid connection with their peers and with the church family.
    • Experience meaningful intergenerational relationships through the Mentor Program and weekly worship.
    • Move beyond "what we believe" and into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • Transition from a rote or borrowed faith to one that is owned and developing.
    • Take one more step (albeit an important one) in a series of steps on the journey of faith.
    • Recognize an unmistakable kinship and responsibility to their neighbors and those in need.
    • Discover their unique gifts and talents, and how God has called them to use those gifts to lead and serve, to the glory of God.
    • Develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and an understanding of his eternal care for them.
    • Have a ton of fun!
  • About the Confirmation Curriculum

    Our curriculum has been developed in-house by our very own talented staff and volunteers. We believe this to be important (in contrast to adopting a generic curriculum developed by a third party) as the curriculum will have the ability to take into consideration the unique dynamics of our church family, the community of Greenwich, and the group itself. Below are the topics that will be discussed over the 12 weeks of the course:

    Fall Topics

    Winter & Spring Topics

    • God the Father
    • God the Son
    • God the Holy Spirit
    • Worship & Sacraments
    • The Bible
    • The Church
    The pastoral team will also teach the class. This will assist our Confirmands in developing personal relationships with our church leadership, and communicate the value we ascribe to ministerial accessibility to every member of the congregation.

    The nature of the teaching will be dynamic and varied from week to week. It will incorporate some lecture-based teaching, a lot of discussion, and experiential and hands-on learning. It will also incorporate media such as music, art, and video as we discover modern ways of learning and communicating the gospel.

    Finally, we know that while we develop personal relationships with Jesus, we do not develop our faith in isolation. Thus, as the group bonds and develops, the class itself will become a vibrant and essential part of the curriculum.

  • The following are the expectations for the Confirmands this year. We understand that some conflicts are unavoidable, but we want to make sure our students are consistent participants in the group, and are exposed to the breadth of topics and experiences we will cover together.

    Student Requirements:

    • When you are here, really be here! Your full buy-in will make all the difference for you and your fellow Confirmands.
    • Attend at least 80% of the scheduled Confirmation classes (10 out of 12).
    • Attend Chapel at least every Sunday when we have class. Confirmands are invited to sit together during worship
    • Participate in at least 4 FPCG service projects.
      • Many are listed on the following calendar, but more projects will be added throughout the year.
    • Participate in the planning and leading of worship on Youth Sunday
    • Attend the Confirmation Retreat at Noroton Presbyterian Church
    • Participate in the Mentor Program, beginning in January.
    • Invite a friend (who is not already involved at FPCG) at least twice to worship, service projects, or other youth fellowship events.

    Parent Requirements:

    • Sponsor snack for the class at least once during the year.
    • Be intentional about discussing the topics covered in class throughout the week/year.
    • Pray regularly for your students and the class.
  • We encourage you to connect with our teaching team at any time, whether you have questions, or just want more information.

    Does my Confirmand have to become a member?
    All students are encouraged to explore membership at FPCG, but membership is not a required as a part of the Confirmation class.

    What if we have an unavoidable conflict with one of the requirements?
    The requirements are to ensure that our Confirmands have adequate exposure to both the content of the class, as well as the relationships they will build. That said, we will make every effort to accommodate unavoidable conflicts that arise.

    What does my Confirmand need to bring to class?
    Please encourage your Confirmand to bring her/his Bible to every class. Familiarity with one's own copy of the Scriptures is an important part of listening to God's voice and learning about who He is.

    Are parents allowed to attend classes and service projects?
    While the course itself is designed specifically for students, parents are encouraged to participate in service projects, church-wide events, and other activities where volunteers may be needed.

    How will I know what was covered during any given class?
    Following each class, we will follow up with you directly to let you know what was covered, what activities the class participated in, and how you can continue the conversation with your Confirmand throughout the week.

    What is the Mentor Program?
    We will pair each Confirmand with a sponsor (either a Deacon or other qualified church member) in January. This person will meet with the Confirmand periodically, pray for them regularly, and provide ongoing support as we explore this faith journey together.

    How do I sponsor a lunch for the class?
    During each class session, the Confirmands will share a meal together. The first Sunday will be sponsored by the church, and we ask you to please sign up to provide lunch (either home-made or catered) for the group at least once this year.  If you would like to sponsor a lunch, contact Andre Castillo at 

    So, my student is confirmed... Now what? 
    Now that your student is confirmed, she/he is invited to be an active, voting member of FPCG. Once a member, a Confirmand can participate in any way that all other members participate. Regardless of their membership decision, students are then welcomed into the high school programs at FPCG, beginning with the Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic and the Winter Youth Summit.