NEW! Refugee Resettlement Initiative

FPCG would like to become a Community Sponsor of a refugee family who has recently arrived from Afghanistan, and will be soon living in Connecticut.  To do this, we must first assemble a team of roughly 30 volunteers from within our congregation to commit to participate. 

In so doing, we will rescue a vulnerable, grateful family from the tyranny, terror and enslavement they’ve endured.  The sense of joy and satisfaction is indescribable as we support a mother, assist a father, and help nurture and protect children, while serving as guides, mentors, companions and friends to a family that yearns for true freedom.   

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Being part of the team will provide a deep Christian bond with your fellow FPCG parishioners, and engage everyone in a variety of interesting and rewarding responsibilities.  

If you’re interested in joining our Team, please reach out to Wayne:

If you’d like to learn more about the project and refugee resettlement overall, please click HERE.