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Eddie Zheng

Eddie Zheng, a native of New York City, is master's degree student of Paul Jacobs at the Juilliard School. With a focus on lyrical phrasing and articulate touch combined with thoughtful programming and spoken notes, Eddie has performed in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Montreal, and Beijing, where he has helped new audiences in China discover the organ.

Eddie’s performances at the 2018 Schweitzer Competition and the 2019 Quimby Competition led to first place awards and his engagement as Artist-in-Residence at Saint Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church, New York. He was recently appointed as Organ Associate at First Presbyterian Church Greenwich in Connecticut, where he encourages wider musical appreciation through service playing and youth involvement.

Having spent summers in the Catskills, Eddie created the ‘Organ Music in the Catskills’ series in 2021, performing recitals to enthusiastic local audiences. When not playing organ, Eddie loves cycling, gardening, and brewing espresso.

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