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The sacrament of entrance to the community of faith.Baptisms are performed during our 10AM Sunday morning worship service in our Sanctuary, thereby involving First Presbyterian Church’s congregation in the promise to participate in the Christian nurture and encouragement in the life of the baptized. It is one of the most significant parts of our worship experience.

Many Presbyterians are baptized as infants as a sign of God’s love and in recognition of their welcome into our church family. Presbyterians baptize adults on their profession of faith, as well as the children of church members. Children will speak for themselves and confirm their baptisms in a confirmation program during their teen years. Adults are baptized following instruction.



Memorial Services

Nothing is more important to the life of our First Presbyterian Church family than a caring ministry to those who are passing through “the valley of the shadow” seeking God’s presence and comfort in times of grief and mourning. We believe that God holds our loved ones in strong and everlasting arms, and that we who live on can know the shelter and strength of the Good Shepherd. Our pastors, staff, and members stand ready to be there with and for you as you seek the assurance that in life or death, we belong to God. Such ministry is our highest calling and greatest privilege. Services are provided for both church members and non-members and can be scheduled by contacting the front desk at the church: 



We believe each part of the service – the planning and the day itself, the music, and all parts of the service are important. The service celebrates the love of our brides and grooms and the gift God gives us in marriage. To inquire about having your wedding at First Presbyterian Church, contact our front desk: 


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